Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ADLAND out in paperback today!

The Vintage/Anchor trade paperback edition of ADLAND is now available wherever books are sold. Amazon has a nice discounted special for anyone who orders ADLAND together with my new novel HOLY WATER, coming from Doubleday on June 15.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Othmer,

Really enjoyed this book; made my commutes to work rather more enjoyable, especially because i didn't have to look at craptacular, cancon-mediated, budget-produced subway ads, nor, mercy, did i have to try and avoid the defeated faces of the poor souls with whom i shared a cabin, lurching toward our safe, uninspiring jobs.

I remember going to see the film Helvetica three or four years ago, and thinking, wow! i can't stand listening to these bastards wax on about their contribution to the avant-garde! I despised them for convincing people that they were aesthetic experts; i loathed them for helping other bastards sell more crap to a fat, saturated, apathetic public; and i pitied them for believing their own hype. This was on the eve of my decision to register for the graphic design program at the community college. Of course i went through with it, partly because i didn't believe a could make it as an artist, and partly to spite these celebrated assholes and whatever unscrupulous motives they represent. I actually thought i was going to make a difference! Ah, youthful folly! I dropped out a year later.
An anti-establishment agenda may not a successful designer make (well, perhaps not traditionally anyway), but it seems i'm just categorically opposed to making a living in the commercial arts.

Sorry for rambling, sir. Really, all i wanted to say was this: you're one hell of a writer.

And this: thank you.

Take care,