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An interview preparation

An interview preparation

Before going to an interview, it is important

to hate n basic understanding about the company‘s goals and culture. Simple questions

like these can be researched in advance:

1. What does the company produce?

2. What kind of technology is used?

3.. How big is the company (small, medium,

4. Where is the company located (one or many locations)?

5. Is it a publicly traded company?

6. What is the financial situation (stock price if publicly traded)?

7. Which partners and collaborators exist?

8. What do the most recent press releases talk about?

Practice Communication

There are certain questions that can be anticipated and an applicant can practice answers to these 1n advance. Some of the most common questions can be found on the Internet and typically relate to the following topics:

1. Experience and education '. l '

2. Five-year goals

3. Work style

4. Worst experience

5. Strengths and weaknesses

6. Flexibility

7. Why the job is interesting

Eat Well

Taking the time to nurture the body will help concentration and mental balance. It is a good idea to eat well (healthy food) the day and morning before the interview.


Physical activity is good for both mind and body. It is optional to exercise the day before the interview. Another kind of exercise that may give a competitive advantage is mental imagery, especially if nervousness is a prevalent problem in interview situations.

Rest ,

A greatly underappreciated part of interview preparation is sufficient rest. An applicant should avoid being physically 0r mentally exhausted to display the best performance. If traveling is involved to get to an interview, it is important to arrive early, so there is time to I

adjust and rest.

Dress Well

Obviously good hygiene and a professional look are important. There is also usually

a corporate dress code. Information about the dress code can be requested from the company’s Human Resources Department or these simple conservative rules can be followed:

1. Women

*Heels maximum 1.5 inches (3 cm)

 *No tight or reveahng clothlng or mini skirts 1 .. " '

 *As little make-11p as posmble .

 * No or Very little perfume

 * No excessive jewelry

 * Classic attire (jacket and pants jacket and skirt) ' "

2. Men

 * Classic attire (white'shirt, tie, suit,classic shoes)

Jl. Sudirman 73 Yogyakarta 50128

February 3, 2010

The Human Resources Department Manager Aquilla Paper

11. Selat Sunda 4


Jakarta 10510

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please accept my application for the position of Sales Representative as advertised in the Daily Newspaper on February 1, 2010.

I am currently working as a Sales Representative for the Women and Beauty Company and I am keen to obtain a full time position. I hold a certificate in

Sales and I am ready to undergo further training if necessary. I have enclosed my resume to support my application.

I believe that my skills and experience will enable me to perform the duties well.

I am available for an interview at a time convenient to you. I can be contacted by telephone at 08562956479.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Indiana