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Tugas Bahasa Inggris ( Writing ) Narative Text

Text Box: Narrative Text 

SincereWill Get a Great Return

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named Auretto, all people lived peacefully there. One of them was Charlita, the king’s daughter who was assumed as the most beautiful and kindest Princess of Auretto.
One day, Charlita looked blue. Because of that her father got confused. “What’s the matter my beautiful daughter? Why are you so sad?” asked King Fernando. Charlita was just silent. She did not say anything.
Then, King Fernando decided to make a competition to cheer Charlita again. After that, the palace representative announce: “I will make a competition. The aim is to make my daughter, Princess Charlita to be happy and laugh again. Everyone who can do it, will get a prize. It will be held tomorrow when the sun rises.King Fernando.”
The following morning, everybody came to the palace, tried to give their best performance. They seemed happy and laugh, but not for Princess Charlita. She was just silent and still looked sad.
King Fernando started to give up. No one amused his daughter. Then, there came a young handsome man. “Excuse me King Fernando. I would like to join your competition. But, would you mind if I took Princess Charlita for a walk?” said the young man gently. “As long as you make my daughter be happy again, it will totally alright.” said King Fernando. The young handsome man took Princess Charlita for a walk in a beautiful blue lake with a green forest around it. Princess Charlita smiled and looked happy after that. Every body looked happy, too. “I know why are you so my beautiful daughter. Now, I promise I will environment green. I regret for always destroying it. Finally, the environment around the kingdom became so beautiful and green, full of plants. Then, the young handsome man got a prize from the king. “I will marry you off my daughter.” said him. “That is the prize I promise for you. Thanks for keeping our environment well. Thanks for making my daughter happy again.”

Text Box: Summary 

This summery from narrative text ‘Sincere Will Get a Great Return’ :

          One day, in a kingdom named Auretto. The king of Auretto named King Fernando had beautiful daughter named Charlita. But on day, Charlita look so sad. Cause, Charlita so sad, King Fernando made a competition to entertain Charlita.
The competition will be held tomorrow  when the sun rises. And who a winner, can get a prize.

When  competition is started, no participant is able to entertain Charlita. So, Charlita even sadder. King Fernando is confused what to do anymore.
And Then, came a handsome man, and he want to try entertain Charlita. Next, he asked for permission to King Fernando, to took Charlita walk. King Fernando permited him, and he took Charlita to beautiful blue lake with a green forest around it. Princess Charlita smiled and looked happy.
It turn out, Princess Charlita sad, cause the environment in the kingdom destroyed and no loonger green. The handsome man promised to Princess Charlita, he will keep the kingdom in order to keep the environment green and will not spoil it.Cause, the handsome man was made Princess Charlita happy again. King Fernando gave him a big prize. The prize is he be married with Princess Charlita.

Text Box: Moral Value 

With sincerity, we will get the better of sincerity that we have made it. And should, we must have the sincerity to do something, we must also have a big heart and sincere, if we want to get something big from the sincerity of it.

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