Saturday, January 2, 2016

Contoh narrative text Craying Stone | batu menangis

IN a little town, a young lady lives with her mom. The young lady is extremely wonderful. Regular she puts make-up and wears her best garments. She doesn't prefer to help her mom work in a field. The young lady is exceptionally languid. 

One day, the mother requests that the young lady go with her to go to the business sector to purchase some sustenance. At first the young lady can't, yet the mother induces her by saying they are going to purchase new garments. The young lady at last concurs. In any case, she requests that her mom stroll behind her. She wouldn't like to walk one next to the other with her mom. 

Despite the fact that her mom is extremely miserable, she consents to stroll behind her little girl. 

While in transit to the business sector, everyone appreciates the young lady's excellence. They are additionally inquisitive. Behind the wonderful young lady, there is an old lady with a straightforward dress. The young lady and her mom look altogether different! 

"Hi, pretty woman. Who is the lady behind you?" asks them. "She is my worker," answers the young lady. 

The mother is exceptionally miserable, yet she doesn't say anything. The young lady and the mother meet other individuals. Again they ask who the lady behind the delightful young lady. Again the young lady answers that her mom is her hireling. She generally says that her mom is her hireling each time they meet individuals. 

Finally, the mother can't hold the agony any longer. She goes to God to rebuff her little girl. God answers her petition to God. Gradually, the young lady's leg transforms into stone. The procedure proceeds to the upper part of the young lady's body. The young lady is extremely panicky. 

"Mother, please excuse me!" she cries and request that her mom pardon her. 

Be that as it may, it's past the point of no return. Her entire body at long last turns into a major stone. As of not long ago individuals still can see tears tumbling down the stone. Individuals then call it the crying stone or batu menangis.

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